Blessed are the Broken

Take a deep breath, hold and…… release. I wanna drop a bomb on you this morning.

If a stranger was to walk up to you today and ask what is it that drives you to wake up each morning?

Would you think of something witty to say to bring yourself up and show how much you have your own life figured out or would you wonder what could prompt such a question?   It was not until lately that I stopped looking to others for the answers to my life. I have a shelf full of books and most are still unread, this is more than just a figure of speech. I can’t tell you the answers to your life but listen carefully because I am not saying i don’t know the answers to my own.

I can tell you what I have been through, what I am going through but, I can’t tell you what is still to come. I am just as blind as everyone else to what the future holds. Though what I know for certain from the past is this there is a future and that there is hope. Sometimes the struggles and the mountains that we each face require us to spend time on our face and to dig down so deep to the most intimate nitty-gritty parts of our souls.

One thing I have discovered on my journey  is  that without the bitter parts of life we would not have the sweet. You see its you that make up the threads in the fabric of life. Your life has a purpose, if your thread was removed  those threads around it and connecting to it would work lose and before you know it there would be a hole. You can justify by not speaking up and letting life pass you by all you want.  What I have learned from spending the last couple years away from my family is that when you don’t have a family behind you is when your reach becomes the furthest. I think the reason for this is when you have a hole in your spirit you have to fill it. This is why when we are the most lost and alone is when are eyes are truly the most open to discovering who we are.

If a stranger walked up to me today and asked “Hi Luke is it?, what is it that drives you to wake up each morning?” My response would be this

love, not for someone or something. But a love deep down to see things made right. To see broken families healed to see the addict find a cure.  I don’t have any idea who you are or what you believe my beliefs are my own but, I have a golden heart that leads me from each day to the next. All I have to offer is my love. When we  stop trying to fill our lives with entertainment and listen to what the silence has to say is when your thread becomes stronger and life becomes more than just getting by but an adventure. Life is good, if your living it.

Hey you handful, 
I am speaking of those who have chosen to subscribe.
It’s encouraging to know that I have helped you in someway or touched your life.
the small flame that lights our way only burns brighter when we come together

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One thought on “Blessed are the Broken

  1. beautiful, & powerful. very inspiring. so true


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