Can you Handle the Reality

Today I found myself making poses in front of the mirror after I got out of the shower and, it hit me.. How much time do I actually spend checking myself out? I swear I have to be my biggest fan. I don’t think anyone really “looks” at me as much as I look at myself and I felt absolutely fickle.

Should I be happy that I check myself out every time I see a mirror; or should I be ashamed and strive to be less conceded? After querying this thought around in my head I did manage to come to a conclusion. While it is not a bad thing that I check I myself out it does nothing permanent to help further my character. It may make me feel better temporarily about how others perceive me but ultimately my looks are going to fade. If I keep spending so much time in front of the mirror then I am literally blinded by my own beauty and risk restricting myself from seeing the beauty of others around me who’s physically beauty may be fading or already faded.

You might say “its silly unless you spend hours a day looking at yourself then there is nothing wrong with grooming and taking care of yourself.” While I agree self-hygiene is important and no one wants to smell or look “bad”. Answer me this; what is the purpose of a mirror? The obvious answer would be that it’s meant for you to look at yourself. We can agree on how a mirror is intended to be used. Then answer me this, How many mirrors do you have in your home? If you answered more than one it’s possible that you look at yourself just as much or more than me. Before your rebuttal consider how many mirrors can be used effectively at ounce?

If you’re so concerned about how the back of your head looks. You need to dig deep down and do some soul searching while being like everyone else is “cool”. Being an individual is remarkably breathtaking! Live outside the box of social normality a little. Just dip your feet in and there is no turning back!

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