Something Different

So maybe I have committed a bit of writers suicide with these long messages and a few less encouraging posts.  It kind of has led me to my next topic I want to bring up. That being I have to live up to what I have already done. Sometimes I have found myself back tracking in life and it can be discouraging and disappointing.  I know life is not all fields of flowers and chocolate fountains of fondue.

I know and want to move forward and follow my dreams as well as follow my heart. I want to create something that just explodes your mind ounce you read it; or challenges you to become who you are and step out of the box you may surround yourself with.

This last week I was able to head up to Kansas and while I met a handful of interesting people I can say I took each opportunity I had to encourage or compliment everyone I met. It’s crazy with some of the things you begin notice about people when you stop spending time thinking about how they might perceive you and, look for their strengths and how they perceive themselves.

With this small adventure I learned it’s much harder to hitch hike then I original thought it would be. I can understand not picking up someone who looks like they could potentially murder you but, this cute smile did not work as well as I hoped. Anyways Kansas was awesome and if any of you ever found your way to my site thank you for taking the time to look me up.

I learned recently that my liver may be a bit of a wuss and is having a hard time keeping up, I think this has helped encourage my recent lifestyle and social change along with other traumatic events leading up to this year. Even though it’s been really hard sometimes to just carry on I have learned from thus said events and I am chasing life and not letting anything hold me back.

This is my year, to make a difference this is my year to live life-like never before, and this is my year to show you that love goes beyond any distance or measure. I want to make my mark in this world while I have the opportunity. I know we all have a time and I am ok with that.  I don’t want to miss a moment of being alive and I don’t want to take a moment for granite. So readers, followers, and all you other crazy people out there just passing through take this and let it go deep. You’re not alone and you are loved.

My laptop battery is about to die but the stars are still shining and there is still hope.



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