The hole in the world

There are messages that bring big crowds of people together and there are messages that greatly affect only a few. It’s that few that I am going after. That few that are willing to look at life and say this is not right! The way the world is now and, where it is going is not how it should be. When did it become normal for kids to grow up with single parents? When did we stop caring about each other and focusing on only ourselves? When did we let marketing companies start telling are kids that the type of clothing they wear will affect who they are?

This world is hurting, broken, but everyone continues chasing these hollow pursuits that will just leave them empty. The success that this world tries to shove down our throats is  only temporary. It’s silly how people go one day after the next chasing a fantasy that just because they have a title just because they have a name it will make them any more of a person.

Well guess what I have a name! My name is not any less than anyone else. I may not wear the right clothes, have a six-pack, college degree or any type of political power. What I do have is a reason and some people are still trying to find that reason for themselves. But it’s time to wake up and look around you there are so many hurting and broken people right in front of you. As long as you continue blindly excepting  things as just the way they are. They will not change!

Whether its Drug addiction, teen pregnancy, self-mutilation, or abuse. It does not have to be this way! Its time to stand up and speak up for a generation that is lost! To extend a helping hand to those who don’t know if they can hold on any longer. My friend, You are loved! Just because the world is lost does not mean that it was meant to be this way.

We all want so badly to fit in. It was not until lately that I understood why anyone would ever want to be in a gang. We want to be accepted all of us want to know that we are loved and that our lives matter. It’s about to get heavy because if you feel that your life does not matter then you need to look in the mirror and do some serious soul-searching my friend. It’s up to you to make your life matter it’s not anyone else’s job or responsibility. If you’re not working to help transform heal and build up those who are hurting lost or broken or hungry . Then you might as well, TEAR THEM DOWN. You have been given a life and a voice; it’s up to you to use and make the most of it!

Set down the bottle, the razor blade or the pills.  Success is not found in happiness, wealth or any other type of physical achievement. You might ask why is success not found in happiness,it’s  because doing what is right will not always leave you happy! Sometimes  standing up for how you feel or what you think will get you persecuted. What I have found is the reason people hate on each others difference is only because there blind and ignorant  enough to think that what they know can only be what  is right. Life is not  empty, if you are living it the way you were created to.

My heart goes out to you who are hurting broken or alone. You are loved and the challenges you face today may be hard and they may hurt. However,  learn from them and one day you will be able to share compassion for those who are going through the same things you ounce faced. Those of you who are not facing the storm I challenge you to take a stand and let your heart lead you through this week and reach out to someone who is lost or alone. This world is broken and you have to be nearly insane to see through the garbage it throws at you. Remember Your either helping or hurting but, just getting through life is a cowards excuse for not living.

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