Early Morning Moon Light

One of the most extravagant times I have come across in life is when the words just flow. When you put the pen to the paper or fingers to the keyboard and the words literally write themselves. I was taught in high school how to use different methods to form ideas and build a well structured paragraph. The thing is you cant structure art because everyone has there own creative powers. If you try to it just becomes the same as everyone else and loses its personality and flavor. I have always been a fan of sketching and drawing my emotions but, this new world of words has just peeked my creativity to new heights.

If you knew today was going to be your last day to be alive what would you do?I have found inspiration looking at this life as one step to the next and while death is certain, Life is full of opportunities, mysterious and chances to write history. Some see themselves as just a speck in this immense thing called life. The more we become associated with death the more we learn and value that the time we have is only temporary. I am just renting this body, life, family and friends. Someday all of it will be gone.

Death is and will always be waiting for us the questions becomes why fear it? If today was the last day I had to be alive, I would make sure my parents and sibling knew I loved them. In no way would I try to go out of my way to reach out to my friends who did not first reach out to me. Only because they might learn from my death to cherish life. I would take my time I had and go after the strangers the people who keep to themselves; the people who are full of self doubts an insecurities.

My last job I witnessed first hand several times people being told that they had cancer. Its easy to say that you cant understand the true feeling of death approaching until it finally happens to you. While this has some truth to it; I have brushed shoulders with death several times this last year.

I don’t want this to come out as empathetic towards you or say I pity you but, I wish sometime people would just wake up. They can be so involved in there own problems that they forget about everyone else around them. Have you ever given to food to someone who was homeless? The next question is; have you ever tried being homeless? We can be so blessed that even the little problems in life can completely set us off or ruin our day. For example losing the tv remote, spilling coffee on a favorite book, or not having someone call you back after they said they would. For you it may be different but, I feel its almost in our nature for us to be selfish we need to break free and change our way of thinking.

I feel that so many people are imprisoned in there own minds. They are so deep into the routine, rut or life they surround themselves in that is all they will ever know. I know the last post up (The Thoughts that Push Through the Seems) is unique and a little dark. I am not a chipper zanex snorting chipmunk. Inspiration can show its face in many forms I just try to embrace the feeling and let it flow into what it wants to become.

I completely believe the moon is not given enough credit it never misses a night and, stays out while everyone lays in bed asleep. It watches over us and most don’t appreciate its light. But it still shines, I want to shine for you, Even if its just a smile or a thought that sinks deep, I’ll still be here when the sunsets and you feel like there is nothing left but the night.

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