Love on the Radio

The notes sweep you off your feet and the words just bring you closer to me. The bass beats strong, and our hearts play along. I have been waiting for you my whole life. No one said it would be easy to compose a symphony but there is no telling where this radio will lead.

A matter of time and it’s a mix of sounds and change of beats. I know sometimes good songs end to soon. These magical moments captured in an hourglass no one knows the future but we remember the beautiful songs from the past.

These brown eyes have seen a lot of dirt.  From the path least traveled to a dessert covered in snow but, I have found my way back home.  An urban jungle or the rural flats my song plays on.

I can taste something sweet in a harmony a thousand miles away but, everything looks good from so far away. I know there is love waiting for me, just down the block or maybe the next stranger I meet. My voice has played through the stereo a hundred times but, I never have to sing along because the words play through just fine.

With nothing but change in my pocket the radio sings a new song and I walk on.  With a jingle in every other step; I remember what I have lost but, the world keeps turning and so must I. Looking for love in this radio if you can hear me don’t question why. I have been waiting for you all my life, but the hardest part of all this waiting is waiting for the day you find me…

So turn up the radio loud not to drown out your thoughts but, so I can play through and sing to you. There are songs that come and go but I will play you something new that is here to stay at least another day.  Even if I run this ship into the ground and my hair goes gray; the music wont cease to play because my heart beats strong  and love will carry on.

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