One more drink

There is a hole in my sanity and it beginning to tear. A giant crater in my mind from all the answers to the questions I can’t find. I could be a guest at your table or just some you walked past but nothing in this life will last. I try to embrace the future and explore a new level of clarity from a caffeinated drink. All It has done is make the day rush past, and I am here at last drowning out my thoughts through insobriety

I can’t deny the questions that swim through my mind or pretend there just a mirage. I have found truth and I have seen that love can set you free. From the depths of my heart to the shallows shores the waves crash in and I know that even the life of a tree starts as a seed.

We plan like we will live forever but even the strongest trees still fall. From the texture on the wall to the rug on the ground It seems everyone is trying to find meaning in uncertainty. I have been lost and I have been found and I know love can help you see.

I have found a love that seemed like the sea; until it dried up and left me in a barren wasteland of memories. My sea is a little wavy and choppy at times but, the sun has not ceased to shine. I am certain that someday you will know that love can set you free even if you have lost hope.

So slow this evening down, 4 am just seems like a bitter way to say that sunrise is on its way. Explore the gallows of your mind one last time and remember that what you have done is in the past. I lay these bricks in the ground and I know when day light comes you will see what I have done and love will wash over you and make you believe.

The past is what we leave behind and future is what we open our eyes to find.

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