An Excuse to Believe

Neither fact or fiction but the irony of what stands between has left me pondering the difference of dreaming and reality. It’s as if we were puzzle pieces designed for a greater connection are you someone I used to know. Lost in the these archaic times nastalgic thoughts pour through my mind.

Enlightend by the mistakes I swore I would never make again there is elegance in your breath that I breath in. Wiping away the obvious and looking through the past the future is undetermined. Unfading you voice rings though my ears and recycles itself through my mind like stained glass.

My eyelids may close and I drift away but its these thoughts that stay. The blue in your eyes cant hide the pain bottled up inside. Like fermented grapes or an old ex lovers note how can everything change and still stay the same? Inclined to hold on to what I already know but an eagerness burns thats ready to let go. Exploring this self direction that can only be framed arounded hope.

Make tranquil your heart and forget the civil affairs these memoirs will write themselves. While seasons may change and the forseen will remain unclear i will still be here. There is a space deep inside that you may never reveal or show but I’ll be here waiting for you to find the truth in uncertanty.

Dont be discouraged by simplicity, it hides beauty wating to be discovered.

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