Sweet Serenity

The sun sets low on the mountain side and this flower hangs its head and dies. I gave up hope and waited for death. With my eyes close tight I cried then screamed to be something more than just me. In the nick of time the best in me I gave to you my daughter my dear don’t fear the world I am here.

I don’t know the proper way to be anything but who I have found myself to be. Not perfect enough to belong on the PTA but, I love you without any regret or delay. More beautiful than gorgeous you have your father’s eyes. I’ll hold you to my heart and kiss you while you sleep. My daughter the world changed when you opened your lungs to breath.

My biggest fear is to let you down and not be the mother I was created to be. I love you so much but the thunder cracks and the rain pours down hammering these windows and banging against the wall I promise to keep you close.

I thought I knew what I wanted to be, this life never seemed overly nice to me. Hardship to hardship until you came along and the battles they come but the war has been won. My purpose and chance to teach you to love to be something more than just a woman but, the lioness you were created to be.

The past is filled with scares and pain but you’re an angel, and God’s gift to me. Nothing in this life makes sense except what you mean to me. My cub you may never know what it feels to hold the hurts that I hold.  If that day comes my dear just remember you will always be loved no matter what your told, your my Serenity.

This is written on behalf of a friend and inspired by her love and devotion for her daughter.

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