Fruity Perfume

She sips the devils tea and dances late into the night. With lips like lemonade and eyes that could cut you in half. The boys steal glances from across the room but she pretends not to notice and just walks pass.

Maybe I stood to close or looked to long but you looked right through these eyes and deep into my soul and grabbed ahold of all that I know. Drawn towards the light like a moth to a flame. Now I am living with a tear I don’t know if I can repair; so I keep my head up and push on for all the other days and other ways before you came along.

I have heard that its better to feel pain then nothing at all but the thunder crashes down from all the tears you have caused to fall. A trail of broken hearts stream behind her across the floor. Her blonde hair and cute smile would fool you if you thought that she cared.

Hot summer nights under the same moon light. A million miles away but I am sure your alright. Did I do something wrong or was not all love was made to last. That’s what i get for trusting my own eyes, she is drinking from the rim of another mans glass.

Inhaling just one more drag from this stale cigarette and I’ll watch it drift apart into the dark. I still love you even if your don’t care  I’ll try not to show it but I promise it’s there.

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