Stolen Beauty and Eternal Love

Blindsided by a reaction this unforeseen consequence or destiny; no realm or reason can explain. 2 years ago I held you to my heart and promised to set you free when you were old enough to fly.

Please forgive me my son I tried to be the father I was created to be. Up all night when you were sick and making sure you had enough to eat in the early daylight. Disconnecting myself from those who lay there shallow empathy’s on me.

The scales grow over my skin and I don’t want to look back arriving at this destination inside my mind. With no way to describe the insanity that I can now clearly see that keeps haunting me. Just another crippled man short of air I can’t breathe in the reality.I sink my head between my knees I desperately cry and scream there has to be another way! There has to be a reason you were taken from me?

The whores and drug addicts walk the streets while the lonely and crippled lay at home thinking of different ways to take there lives. Stolen from your fathers embrace you sit and wait and look over me in this lost world of misery and pain.

I know you in a better place, and these tears they fall and the scars are to deep to fully see.  Or maybe I am just jealous because all you have ever known is love. The same love you showed me, I set you free.

Because I know now you will know watch over me…

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