Catching Up With Time

The end of July is so far away how am I suppose to wait? Just another day and everything I love I begin to hate. Repetition is more then a word tripping me up with every other line these memories from older times from a life I used to recognize.

Trying to find my way back home. I could write a thousand love letters but, they would only stack up in a pile alone on the floor. Have I begun to only fool myself  how did all of that time manage to just disappear?

Don’t leave me waiting for a message on the phone. You speak so clearly without ever having to say a word. I have fallen flat on my face a dozen times, and still if I only had one wish. It would be for you,to be right here.

Light the fireworks the crowd is going to go explode. The colder the chills get from this brisk mountain air, I know there is a hope out there. A jigsaw puzzle of  a few billion pieces how do I know which way to go? Tonight I just want to hold you, but god will have his way. For we are in two separate places on this fourth of July day.

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3 thoughts on “Catching Up With Time

  1. MissSylvee on said:

    Great choice of picture

    • Thank you 😉
      I appreciate the read and hope you enjoy more of the writing to come! I did not realize until lately that even if you write amazingly it wont make a difference if you don’t have a good pic to co-aside with it…

  2. Gustavo P on said:

    So beautiful… Loved It :’)


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