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This Sundays Best

It’s unfair to place a judgment or stereotype on someone by a single choice or action they take. As simple as it sounds its possible they have just not progressed to your level of understanding. As uneasy it is to swallow maybe you have not progressed to theres.  Shouldnt we strive to make the most of today; hope for tomorrow, and learn from the past?

I was told a while back by someone  “I try to hard to be different and if writing and blogging was popular then I wouldn’t have anything to do with it.” It took me a couple of weeks to completely digest this thought. I had to ask my self how hard do I actually try to be different because I didn’t realize I tried? I am just different but it’s just who I am.

I find cute and cheesy things appealing as well as  cry during sad  movies, and rarely listen to the radio  because everything they play all sounds the same. I use a nightly moisturizer on my face and take a handful of pills everyday because my biggest fear is getting old. I make completely irrational decisions on whim, but value myself enough to not lower my expectations of who I was created to be in the choices I make.

There is so much in life to be discovered why settle for what everyone else has already obtained. Even if you have done the same thing a thousand times you have never had the chance to live today. One of my favorite motto’s I live by is “everyone is my friend they just don’t know it yet” I don’t go around looking to take advantage of others or bring them down but spread joy and let them know that we may have different experiences but we are all just people trying to get by, so enjoy the journey and the time you have.

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Don’t Rain on My Parade – Barbra Streisand

 Who says- Selena Gomez

Call me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Hit The Lights- Selena Gomez

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