Bury Me

The kids have grown up and look where they brought us. Misplaced blame fits so nicely but who taught us? Did you forget the ball and chain so obviously hooked around your foot?

Only 7 years old her sister watchers her bring boys home but would you be surprised that mom is never home? Fragile her heart crackles and floats to the floor. Wreck less and callused she won’t be spending tonight alone.

I prayed you could have heard this plea a promise to never let you fall without reaching out to pull you back up.  You have caught me off guard and  fallen to far. A memory so divine and bitterly jaded.

Tell me that this does not seem inside out. Your biggest fear was not to matter anymore. You stood so tall with the world in your hand and hopped for the best but, forgot that every choice has its very own consequence.

Everything feels so still  under the shade in the cemetery trees. A book quickly opened and then suddenly closed all you ever wanted was someone to read between the lines of your insanity.

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Much love-holeinthefabric 

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