Best Inspirational Rap Video Ever

Whoa did those words just come out of my mouth? An inspirational rap video, what? There are four reasons I don’t listen to main stream rap music. 

  1. Repeated suggestive morally degrading terminology
  2. Glamorizing a lifestyle that is impractical
  3. Every individuals problem is someone else’s fault
  4. Lack of intelligent lyrical content “hoe,Nigga,skank,balls, pussy etc..”

Alert: this video contains foul language.

Finally a song that addressing the serious problems in the music industry and modern culture. I was really surprised when I came across this video as its a different message then most rappers.

I was able to get past the handful of “niggas” he dropped by focusing more on the message. Anyways its a little angry but direct! Let’s compare messages to a popular well known artist.

Little Wayne

Its is okay if you close out of this video. I could only stand a 1:35 seconds of it and I would sooner be water boarded then finish the entire song. I don’t how someone can enjoy this and take themselves serious

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