Fallen Kingdom (Short story excert)

Undress the pain a thousand injures endured and all I wanted was a taste. To have you near, a landslide of opportunity ending in supreme distaste. Dig me out of the walls of this well for they have fallen in. A solaced vow of revenge the fine nature of the soul. Frigid your heart beats strong surround by broken bricks and thumping of an earth quack of sorts. Afflicted does the coldness make you feel human? An insult to injury  you mess with my head. Have I gone mad the musty smell of death approaching sucrets these walls piled high above my grasp. You put in the time and whispered in my ear now I wallow in the dirt and shredded debris. An impossible task and uttering coldness like I have never felt before. Still I search with the sky falling at my feet seeking for just a hole to breath…

This was part of a short story I have started but will not be finishing at least at this time..  Anyways sorry if its a little hard to follow its about a relationship meeting its end and a cleverly planned murder.

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One thought on “Fallen Kingdom (Short story excert)

  1. Well if it’s about a cleverly planned murder, I hope you’ll finish it to satisfy my curiosity.


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