Fallen Kingdom (The Full Story)

Revise, Revise and done I think 😉
Song BY:Sarah Jaffe – Better than Nothing

Finally the day has come in which the vulture flies high blocking cupid’s arrow from hitting my eye. Her aged body lay motionless but ever so gently caressing mine. To strike her down now and disrupt her dreams she will never know the misery she brought to me. Should I bind … her legs and tire up her hands, but just skin and bones she could slip loose.

Oh the days have I longed for the wretched woman to be gone but fearful of watching her beauty die. Have I not myself matured for what seems to be a simple plot of her decent has she not planned mine and such events? I can feel the beating of her heart within my hands ever tightening my grip and watching her pass!

She bore no kids a blessing and a curse. Has there any solution which I have not already sought to kill this pain. A chilled breeze sweeps across the floor and up the back of the bed frame. At last this idling stillness of what awaits is broken by a loud gasp! A sovereign cry of the soul before it departs in its sleep. Adjacent She springs forward reaching out with tears in her eyes she cries out “redemption is now!” My soul shutters in disbelief the time has come. I can feel the darkness taking over beneath my skin.

The next few days I spent awake with no sleep.  Carefully ever so carefully I watched and listening while she slumbered. Waiting for the words she had spoken out in the night before. Are you making deals with dead or praying to Satan, I asked? Your mother a gipsy and father a simple sheep’s man of sorts, who gave less of their convictions. I am thankful they are dead and they can see what I hide behind these old weary eyes?

Carefully offering up a smile I pretend to be sick as you leave the house and set to work. Never have these sheets smell anymore sweet as I fall asleep….

I awaken with a drowsy sigh and look to see if there is a reply. I can’t believe my sight a fresh loaf of rye and a delicate preserve out on the table in front of me. Without control the words spill forth “finally something you have done right.” quickly I gander across the room secretly wishing to embellish words of disgust. Busting open the lid of the preserves and savoring the taste of such a fancy treat.  Thou you have robbed me of these many years and you shall not rob me of this.

Not had a few minutes passed and an extreme thirst came upon me. No jug or vase held any liquid to relinquish my thirst. I remembered a bottle of Gin I had hidden from this woman. I continue to eat thou my appetite was satisfied. I would not leave a single morsel for the witch. Her beauty gone overnight this was to be the beginning of her downfall and my soul took delight.

I reached forth to take the poison from the top cabinet to find nothing but crinkled papers. The thirst had returned far more prevalent than it was before. Stumbling out the door I took a jug and made my way down to the valley. Where the well would run dry in the hottest of seasons but always return half full. My fate would play its rule and save me a journey to the river of twice a distance more.

Upon reaching the well I leaned forward to look down into the darkness. With uncertainty I set the bucket and sent it below. Suddenly the rock in which I pushed up against gave way and set me forth making my decent.

I awoke with a primitive panic covered in mud  and yelled “my dear, my dear.” Though I cried and yelled for hours no one came. The sun nearly set and I hear your call in the distance. Within what seemed an hour you peered over the ledge and spoke so few words. “finally something in which you have done right.” Dropping the half eaten loaf and bottle of preserves you turn and go.

I saved up my strength and lay curled up next to the wet rock. Hoping and praying but I still waited for your return. A sun or two did pass and you called out to me and awoke me from my dreams. I pleaded “undress the pain a thousand injures have I endured and all I wanted was a taste. To have you near, a landslide of opportunity ending in supreme distaste. Dig me out of the walls of this well for they have fallen in.”

No word did you speak only dropping down the bottle from the top shelf. “A solaced vow of revenge the fine nature of the soul. Frigid I proclaim your heart beats strong! Afflicted does the coldness make you feel human? An insult to injury you messed with my head.’

You knocked down the rest of the well and shoveled dirt and stone from above. Have I gone mad?  The musty smell of death approaches secreting these walls piled high above my grasp. You put in the time and whispered in my ear now I wallow in the dirt and shredded debris.

With one last laugh you holler aloud “I hope your thirsty because the water will rise within the week. Swallow the elixir now or wait and drink”

An impossible task you set before me and an uttering coldness like I have never felt before. Still I search while the sky falls at my feet.  With the water rising I seek just a hole to breathe!


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4 thoughts on “Fallen Kingdom (The Full Story)

  1. This is SOOO good!!!!

  2. By the by the song choice is excellent… but i dont expect any less from you!! Your writings are beautiful!! Keep it up kid and you’ll go far!!


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