Blog Entry 8/10/12

Hello fellow writers/readers or what have you.

If I had one wish it would not be for love or wealth but wisdom beyond my years. I only fear that with such a wish I would become bored with other people or at least more so then I already am. Yet I am still faced with what could stand to reason for such a deep longing for knowledge?

Contrary to my initial belief I thought “Fallen Kingdom”  was going to to receive more credit then it obtained. I spent close to 8 Hours over the spread of two day creating this idea for a story and putting my ideas to text. More shocking then anything my page scaled over 200 views within 48 hours and only one person left there final thoughts behind in a comment.

What does writing mean to you? For me its a split second of true self accomplishment and self understanding. My mind is full of so many questions. Writing seems to be the only way to make sense of anything. Totally cliche as it may sound writing is my drug.

If you follow me regularly you might ask what am I doing posting a blog on a Friday?  Well….  Honestly I don’t have an answer for you other then I needed a change.

Have a beautiful day!  😉


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3 thoughts on “Blog Entry 8/10/12

  1. Writing is a way for me to get my feelings, thoughts out.

  2. Writing and reading are both an escape for me. Keeps me on my toes and level headed most the time, and at other times its just a little keepsake in my journal or a reminder of where I’ve been.


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