Blog Entry 08/18/2012

I only laugh at myself because the day has gone no way near how I planned. I was getting ready to head down to the animal shelter when my last paycheck from my previous employer inadvertently sidetracked me. I ran into a friend at Wal-Mart who turned 25 today and from there my day has just kinda taken off into a multitude of directions. Less than 2 hours and this party is about to get underway.

I am excited to announce that I will be releasing my first EP around the start of next year. Be on the look out for a demo track from the album with intentions to drop it in the next two weeks fingers crossed. I have some effects I need to hammer out and I am debating if they should be replace or just of done away with altogether. I am absolutely fickle and pulling out my hair out with indecision.

Are you familiar with that feeling when you discover something wonderful and just want to share it with the world? Lindsey Stirling is such an inspiration; If you are uncertain of who she Is I am posting one of her videos at the bottom of this post. Do not be the person who neglects to check her out as you will be missing out. October 22 and she we be at the Blue Bird and guess who is going? This Kid! Hell or high-water im totally phyced and am booking the tickets this upcoming Wednesday..

Finally got the phone cable to update the “Weekly Photographic Memories” page not like anyone goes to it anyways.. Just kidding I really have a hard time staying on top of everything.  I am not that shocked the page does not get many view because it is rarely updated. however it is about to get slammed with somewhere like 100 new pictures from the past month. Feel free to check out some of the recent adventures of this crazy white kid. If you don’t see them tonight it’s possible that I was still waiting for everything to upload and had to take off but just check back when you read another post and they will be up.

With that said I hope you have an amazing weekend and know that you are awesome! Goodnight!

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3 thoughts on “Blog Entry 08/18/2012

  1. Woooo!!! Excited for your music!!

  2. Oh love the vids of Lindsey stirling! Like her sound, and she seems bubbly too haha. 🙂

    • I would have to agree her personality really adds an additional touch. I showed my dad your recipe he eats a palio diet but agreed to try it if I made it so tomorrow I am giving it a shot xD


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