Teenage Heartbreak Printed in B/W

Monetary absence parallels a sickening science of cute girls who don’t call. An Interference of transmission suspending solitude what is past this? Only A degree or two offset our hearts still clash before they meet. Bathing in the glamorizing spotlight you pretend it fills the holes. A self unruling passion to fall for the stray.  A petulant commitment just a matter of opinion… Are all scars once love? A lack of ambition, hearts blow through vapor soaked windows on the side of the road. When boys bluff as men and girls pretend to have control of it all. Only a heart beat played back in slow motion; we are all the same. Modern discomfort and teenage distortions; there is no color for heartbreak in epic proportions.

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One thought on “Teenage Heartbreak Printed in B/W

  1. Wow! That was good! i can connect!!


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