I want to live

Silence speaks so loudly but few ever hear. More powerful than a gunshot or pretty word whispered in your ear. No fear abounds in me for hate is death of an eternity; wrapped in the wounded hands a liberation fell and broke the shell of a stubborn man. Then you came along and let out the firey passion of a thousand poet’s pens dipped in blood; More than a mere stain to the inner canvas of my life. With your head layed next to mine stopping time; A subtle kiss from you to me was all it took and I believed.

Want to give a quick shout out to my followers in Canada and India. I am not sure who you are but am humbled by your reads. Hit 3,000 Views today with no social networking sites.. facebook, twitter etc  just readers on word press =)

Before I forget one last thing, The password to access any of the private post is  luke.

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2 thoughts on “I want to live

  1. wonderful poem. So deep. =)
    Check back here.

  2. Soo Good as always!!!!


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