Paper Airplanes

I threw a party for no one but somebody came. In so few words she spoke hypnotizing  me. “Patience the true test of remorse; a cruel lover leaving a bitter-sweet taste so you know your alive”. Blame the magic in the atmosphere but I think its about to rain. I placed a letter in a bottle and set it free, but it’s come back addressed to me. A trivial concept a little informal but dully accepted. “It takes wisdom to understand wisdom and knowledge to know the difference in a vision and opportunity”. Like a light bulb I came alive flickered once or twice too many times. True love I wrote upon this note. Folding the paper with symmetrical lines I created a plane the wind carried away by design. With nothing to hide a strange infatuation you linger my mind, but if this plane makes it’s way to you I know true love is true.

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2 thoughts on “Paper Airplanes

  1. Once again your writing is amazing!! Great Job!


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