Dreaming in slow motion

Hey guys, I know it been longer then normal since I posted.  With that said sometimes dreams have more meaning  then what we can see with only our eyes. Enjoy Dreaming in slow motion.

Rain or fire I hear you calling me out, but its a leap of desire  with twisted feet. Swallow the  bitter coffee, this is the start of time. Peculiar answers from every line. A whirl wind I have come undone In 20 minutes. It’s hard to find a matter of words to unravel the way I see. Tearing at the seams you  could call this a  nightmare, but in the smallest corner of my mind; I realize I am kicking in a dream by crossing over this place of disbelief. A complex  understated heat fills the cracks,  but I think its leading up to a heart attack. Will I crash into the sun or sink into the deep? Just change the thought of time and for a moment you will find a memory of me soaking through the ink and into the stillness of reality.

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