Waiting on Winter

Hey Guys, I have given birth to yet another piece of poetry. I wanted to inform everyone I am taking a break from writing for a while and I am waiting for the snow to set in. With that said don’t forget me as I will be back around the start of October. Enjoy, Waiting on Winter.

It’s hard to wrap my head around the problems like tear drops they could fill up a well. Mixed emotion and misplaced words trying to hide the feelings bottled up inside; I am not into long goodbyes. Stuck waiting on the snow to fall and fill the holes. A silent breeze push’s me past indecision; Don’t rescue me there is no else who see’s. Deconstructing these ideas built out of broken glass it’s pretty clear life goes by to fast. Betraying my own thoughts, the scenery wont change if your perspective stays the same. Lock all the doors inside my head I know I will get by.  A simple confession of expression to the madness of all that lies.

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