Frost Bite

A short piece out of my journal today that seemed silly to not share. I am not back to writing for holeinthefabric, just yet… Without anymore ranting I preset, Frostbite.

I found a sandbox surround by four walls inside my mind searching for ancient artifacts from older times. It was there that I stumbled up on a lonely mismatched rock that I gave all of my blessings and cast into the sea. As she was beautiful but will never truly see. No typical direction or rational place to go just sifting through my mind; I came across an empty truck stop that felt like home. It was there that I bought a single scratch ticket that I could not scratch. As I was lost in translation and scared for the  fear of letting go but scarier still.. holding on.  She was beautiful but will never truly see, only what’s on the outside of me.

I think this is going to be a 48hr post depending on response.
This is a deeper more intimate post and there is reasoning for all of the imagery that may not make sense as a reader. The bigger part of this post I would say is the part I didn’t write.

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