The Compromise

Before I kick off, I am not manically depressed. I also don’t want to give credit  just to anyone for this; as its taken 7 months  to get to this point and create this piece of writing.
So I present, The Compromise.

Wake me up inside; I can’t stand the bitter taste of conscious regrets.
Restricting the oxygen to all my veins its killing me to just see you.
So just kick the chair? you tied the rope.
There is nothing… left to show
A sign of the times a memory left behind
A cheap thrill devoured the soul of everything I know.
You strung me up here and left me gasping for air.
Yet I keep going back Like a drug addicted dog on crack,
this self-abuse seems to stay. A bottle of malt liquor
and a half ounce of grass couldn’t drowned out the past.
Orderly stacked in single file all of my problems
waiting to topple over from the slightest breeze.
So I will hold my breath and close my eyes
I never thought I would make it out of this alive
If only I could stop time and just slap myself back to an unemotional state
I could at least party myself to sleep.
So god bless this constitutional right that all men are equal
yet we still fight. Heartbroken passed out on the
couch everything keeps moving but it all stays the same.
So don’t bother to wake me up
you already let me hang.

I would love to say I erroneously subjugated my feelings to be shot down.
However I would be lying, so thank you to everyone who ever broke my heart as you helped perfect this.
As weird as that sounds your inspiration was rather appealing.

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