The Lucky Ones

I felt disappointed in posting because everything I have written lately  just seems wrong. I write because it’s therapeutic but, not only that  I write because if there is someone else out there that feels like me, then maybe.. Just maybe, you won’t feel so alone. So wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze its been three months, but I am back.

While sitting in bed with my back to the wall and the sheets pulled up over my knees, I was thinking to myself…”how strange it is to have these dreams that seem to follow me all through life”. The people I have lost or passed on still seem very  much alive. That is until you open your eyes..but looking at this from a positive perspective death is just another step in life.

I like to think I have loads of friends, but don’t we all? Every plan I made for spring break fell through. Not to mention I was stood up..  So looking at this apparent continuance of disappointment I think to myself.. It’s not that I am antisocial but, I do admit I am a bit weird in a cute adorable way. Kind of like the dog at the shelter who gets thrown a bone occasionally out of guilt by the people who neglect to walk him.

 Maybe I speak what I am thinking far to often but, if I don’t tell you what is on my mind… it’s because I have come to accept a lot of people don’t want the truth.    A friend showed up at my door last night at 11 o’clock randomly uninvited who I have not seen for months with a 6 pack. Life is so unexpected and true friends strangely show up when you need them the most. Could it be that I am really one of the lucky one’s…. =)

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As always
Picture  by peetrusha

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