Sleeping in

The coffee has steamed up the window to a lonely street side view.  I was just talking about summer settling in last week; at least I don’t have to go outside too much today because the snow has covered everything in a bright cold reflection of the sun. I stopped smoking in the middle of last year but, I could totally go for just the smell of smoldering pipe tobacco.  

I really wanted to talk about something that has been on my mind lately as I have been pressed by friends to get a Facebook… I am not speaking less of the population but, just wish to exfoliate my view. Surely everyone has heard someone start a conversation somewhat to this effect. ” I saw that you posted on Facebook that you like puppies, that is really cool I like puppies too.”  I get that it is really simple and kind of a stupid example.

Understand my intent of this post is not anti society; I am just not much of a fan of online dating or direct social networking groups.   I think that the people who are placed in one’s life or step into one path are there for a reason.  It’s up to each of us to be true to ourselves and bridges can be built each day if we are emotionally and psychologically fit. Going out and “looking” for happiness somewhere else is just another way of compromising or selling yourself short and welcoming in disappointment.

So maybe I will die old and lonely with a stack full of poetry and a wall full of paintings but, this coffee is getting cold and Ms Spartacus is getting antsy waiting for her breakfast. I will conclude today’s post with this, “today is the oldest I have yet to see and the youngest I will ever be” -Unknown.


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