Mr. Perfect

Rocking out to some Taylor Swift this afternoon. I can already feel the critics in the room. So lets move forward, Mr. Perfect does he exist? I exist but I recently told a girl I found attractive, ” I would rather be choosy then desperate” and another girl  I care for “I don’t really have any intentions with you”  and somehow I still have friends… Dragging out that thought a little longer. I am riddled by my lack of filter and why it is these the things seemed like the right things to say at the times.

I do not intentionally try to be a jerk, and most of the time what’s said comes from the right place, it just never seems to come out right… How can you tell someone “My feelings come from an honest place and I have no reason to manipulate you”. That actually sounded quit a bit better, and I should of went with that..

What if I lost my voice and had to rely on a memo pad, or sign language.  It would be kind of the perfect amount of cute/weird to approach a girl with a memo pad on campus and just smile; then hand her the pad that says something along the lines of  ” Hello, My name is ___. You seemed rather peculiar so I thought I would come say hi”.

 Clearly I am not Mr. Perfect and if he does exist somewhere we should hang out sometime because I could totally go for some pointers. But as for now I am on a journey to find someone with strep throat.. Scratch that but I am going to give this new approach a try, because my mind seems a lot smarter then my mouth… Concluding my thoughts with a lovely quote I came across in my writing class yesterday. ” Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It’s a waist to be asking questions when you are the answer.”-Joseph Campbell 

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