Fairy Tales

Alright…. so this post goes out to all my “single” followers tonight. “Single” it sounds so lonely. Or maybe there is an impact on that statement by the commercials that play at 2 in the morning. Either way if you have been single for awhile now it kind of becomes a way of life. I feel like I should add being “single” is not a disease.

There are day that I would rather be single as opposed to a healthy relationship. At the same time the healthy part does sounds nice. The girl I have been crushing on the last couple weeks is a bit of a club rat. Besides being predictable no matter how cute she is it’s MENTALLY DRAINING spending time with her. I know this must sound like I am a total jerk but, I am nicely giving her the axe. 

 If you have been following me lately I have tried very hard to not lead you off a cliff. If I do at least you get to hear the splat first but, really I have no idea what I want to to achieve before I die I just want to experience everything I can. 

I did not get a chance to post last night so I figured I would put it up today. I have literally became the king of procrastination. About to get  started on a giant assignment that is due in 12 hours so am off to hit the books.


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