Starting this morning with a little deep thought.. What if I climbed to the  top of the tallest mountain looked around and I was all alone? What If I fell in love with a girl but loved her enough she would  never know I loved her at all. Or maybe what if I woke up and this was all a dream.. Would I miss the me I used to be, or was that even me at all?

I would sooner lose my vision then my sense of sound because imagination is more than a concept to me.. It’s intimidating but rewarding to dance when you would rather cry. I am possibly the most realistic optimistically depressed person I know.   

Like a little boy skipping and crying at the same time…  Pressing on while the sound of his shoelaces tap against the pavement providing reassurance he has not strayed too far off of the road he’s traveling.  

Pressed for time with school and work I long for the weekends that are ahead. But once the weekend shows its bright sunlight I would rather be at school then home alone. If indecision is a choice then I missed the memo because I can’t figure it out.

Last post up was a video post, I pulled it down because I felt almost transparent and it kinda freaked me out.  Despite this feeling to bloom I am just going to give you a glimpse of my ora then vomit it out into a perspective I hope most can relate…so with that I present the Indecision.  Picture is “Noit e Dia” by ~Cy-for-Cypher a soon to be Art Grad. Her work is raw and honest click her name to check out her Deviantart Gallery.


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