According to the Webster dictionary the word “Creative” means (having the quality of something created rather than imitated.) Let me shake your mind a little… Creativity is the freedom to make mistakes; the ability to pull at the strings of expression that bind the soul. An explosive organic experience of self that does not always make sense.   

It’s more than an expression or play on words. Creativity is a walk of life believing things can change. That some day the sun might rise from the west and set in the east. That the path to your future is created by the next steps you take.

I sat next to a girl in my psychology class today and said “hi”. She nodded at me…. Opening up my bag and taking out my binder I laid it on the desk. She looked at the picture on it for a minute and with disgust on her face she got up and moved to the seat behind me. I was totally confused with what I did because all I said was “hi”.

Then it hit me I took a shower this morning and smelt like burnt brown sugar with a delicious mix of coffee..  Feeling confident and cute I ruled out it being something I did wrong.. but the picture on my binder is a painting by Emi Boz. It depicts a precious moment style little zombie boy nicely tearing into a little girls neck.  I have weird fascination with death and a weirder fixation on life. Fan boy of cutesy horror and all things health I am a sophisticated cat.

I got up turned around look her in the eye nodded and then went to sit in the front of the class. Not everyone understands creativity and if you can’t see it for yourself then you’re free to walk. Individuality is a creative beautiful choice! =)



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