Sloppy Seconds


I feel Like an indie writer.. by that I mean. 

A wise man once told me… Whenever you get that feeling in your chest or more so in your stomach that tells you to help someone else. Immediately listen to it and follow through, because these are the times when blessing someone else, will bring a blessing into your own life. I love spiritual people and loath religion.  I can already feel the tension and scrutiny growing in the room. but if you stop reading here just know I love you.

It’s not a romantic love or a weird form of lust but a sincere apathetic or humble love. We are in this together and there are days I think to myself “if theres ever a point I can’t take my own life I will feel trapped in this world.”  I know that makes me sound a bit suicidal or maybe like a depressed sociopath. But…Future me is past regrets so save your judgments and psychoanalyze me later. I think my life is great; somedays I feel too cute for my own good and, my biggest fear is getting old. If you really want to know me,  there is not enough room inside my head.

With all the garbage on the internet I feel like what I have to offer is a little quirky but… its honest. Some day’s I wake up with the ceiling staring back at me and I wished that I was just a little bit famous. But god I want to bite my tongue so hard it bleeds, because I can already feel my feet tripping up on me. So raise a glass’s to the sky if you ever have felt a little crazy in the worlds eye.

Above is the finished piece donated to the Alzheimer’s Association’s Memories in the Making Art Auction. It will be sold Tuesday, May 21@6:00pm The Hilton Fort Collins 425 West Prospect Road, Fort Collins, CO


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2 thoughts on “Sloppy Seconds

  1. Sarah on said:

    That is a really beautiful piece!! your very inspiring!


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