Start of Summer

Hello Strangers on the internet and my mom who pretends she does not read my posts… 

With this semester ending and summer setting in. I have spent the last couple weeks in a focused but downcast state of mind. The change from going from one thing to the next is intimidating. Yet despite my preconscious concerns.. Finals are in and I am walking away with  A’s and B’s! I know it sounds silly, but I was totally dreading this semester.

I waited till the last week to register for classes and almost didn’t sign up… but despite this fear I  still ended up with 5 classes that “kinda” sequentially fit together and allowed me to do school and work. Part of me wants to just get blasted and kick off this summer with a bang, and the other part just wants to sit and soak in this moment of accomplishment.  I did not fully believe that I could get A’s because I have never done it in the past. But… sort of offf topic I was clicking through YouTube “Related videos” I stumbled on something that was golden .

In Recent news:
A couple grand and 8 months later; the charges for theft that I was originally arrested for have been dismissed. Yesterday afternoon  the video footage came to light in court, showing I had been the victim of false accusations and the case was thrown out..

Last but not least exciting I have decided to become a Vegetarian.  Not by someone’s elses persuasion but after extensive hours of researching  the topic, I have made a decision based from reliable sources gathered from both sides.  :)  

So to those who stand behind the motto: “If you don’t go to college now, you will likely never go at all…”  I tip my hat to you, but do not look twice because I have already walked away. 4 years ago when the world pressured me to go for the first time. I fell flat on my face because, it was not where I wanted to be. However Its clear after this semester I have the determination it takes to succeed.

I captured this picture on my phone on my way to take my last final for this semester and it just made me smile 😉


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One thought on “Start of Summer

  1. Congratulations on your grades and accomplishments! I am glad the charges were dropped and it’s over!


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