Mountains and Murders

Goooood morning! Saturday afternoon and my list of things to do today  revolve around buying cat food and sending a few emails. But I will spare you that rant and just dive in. I was reading  through some older posts and what I have is an archive of emotion. Maybe I need more testosterone or a game plan. I like to think myself to be a hybrid type of guy where as I  have emotions and I enjoy connecting with people on an intimate level yet I am not overly emotional. 

I love figuring people out but, no way am I saying people’s actions are predictable. A brief conversation with an emotionally explosive woman will tell you less about her then a brief conversation with the same person in a stable mindset. Someone who is emotionally explosive will tell you what can already be assumed. The mystery in a stable person is fascinating because people are not naturally stable. People conform to the social expectations  placed on them by their environment and social background.

Good or bad writing I will always have critics. I can’t back up anything that I am saying because it’s based on self experience.  I don’t always operate in this mindset because I am bad at conforming to the social expectations others have for me. I despise guys who use pick up lines but if they work then its one less shallow uninteresting woman who I  have to worry about. In a way.. Shit head men just kind of help us nice guys out.

When I feel glued to my phone I know it is because I feel lonely or emotionally out of my comfort zone. This may seem like an obvious statement but it’s intriguing how something like a cell phone, video game, tv show, or even relationship can just be a cop-out to distort reality to make it a little bit less unreal.  With that I will conclude my thoughts as the day is going to surpass me if I spend  anymore time on here thinking about life’s mountain and social murders. 

Recent News: 
holeinthefabric has a twitter! Nothing like a day late or a buck short but, this will be of the most epic proportions. 


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