The differences…

Let me start this offensively so the meaning is more clear. Dammit life is the most scary beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen. But I would sooner cut off my own ear then trade in this past for a mulligan.  

My heads a bit bloated and sometimes I have to tie a string around this thing so I don’t float away. I hear the future knocking at my door but, I’m already set to walk away. My writing may fall flat and the only people who read these posts might be my mom and past girlfriends. Yet I still choose to pursue it like a challenge; because the deepest feelings is knowing that your alive despite how many times you have fallen.. and that is succeeding

I suck failure through a straw because I mix it with my morning shakes. I know I was meant for more then what I already achieved on this plate. So here is the raw dog of everything I have wanted to say. The good and bad it’s not really balanced; The future is determined by choices and factors of what’s in allowance 

I will take your label laugh it off turn around and walk away. I am 50% crazy and 100% me. I don’t need a leader to explain how to use my talents. I can fail at being you but I can’t fail at being me. I know the taste of defeat and the smell of feet, so this one is for the home team just try stop me from being me.

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