You can’t start a fire without a spark

What if there was this idea that tingled at the back of your spine.  Then suddenly you understood everything you have been fighting for. This silly feeling that quickly overtook and controlled your mind… All of a sudden just happened to make sense.

More than just a chemical reaction… Kick started by just a silly feeling.. the emotions have begun to flow. I left my chuck’s at the door, so I wouldn’t sprinkle any dirt on your imagination. Maybe I should just say how I feel but, I don’t want to lose control.

It sounds dumb to be so angry over something as simple as a crush. but..(FUCK). If I could say what I really meant. Then I could look you straight in the eye, and say. “with what words could I say that explained exactly how I felt..”

It’s not a matter of  fear but this crush is like a tidal wave pressing down on me. The closer you get the further I want to be; and the closer I get the more blurry my perception is to see.  My dear don’t press too hard and please don’t go away… I have a lot to say but; I am just dancing in the dark..

Picture by.. ~C-Money

Life, Love, Philosophy and a Degree in Broken Hearts

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