Weekend Warrior

Is it just me, or is it by definition the term ” Weekend Warrior” a lot to live up to? This weekend seemed to be one of the most serendipitous pieces to this puzzle holding my summer together so far. I did not go skydiving or board a random international flight.. I did not even get the chance to kiss the girl. That would’ve all been great.. But it was the wrong girl. The skydiving class was already full and most international flights cost about as much as I make in a month.

I typically talk to about 100 different people a day on a computer trouble shooting one of the coolest things out there. Inflight Internet! That’s right if you have ever flown, American, Alaska, US Airways, United or Airtran. AND.. Clearly I do not get paid enough.. or not remembering them all is a sign of a fantastic weekend. If you used the internet you probably used Gogo Inflight Internet Services. So if by some random chance you find yourself in flight.. I go by Deric in chat..  These potential possibilities lead to random opportunities. If you mention “Holeinthefabric” to me you can consider yourself… Golden. 

I feel like I keep getting off topic.. so from depressed to hungover, and then a long night strung out on caffeine; to just spending a day with the people I love. There was never a dull moment this weekend. So after everything has been said and done this weekend I can conclude this. Too much self reflection can have negative consequences but, none at all can be even worse. Nothing may have planned out how I hoped and this date just made me think of someone else.. but I discovered something even greater about myself.. I want to close with this quote.

“Find what you love and let it kill you”- Charles bukowski

Life, Love, Philosophy and a Degree in Broken Hearts

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