Counting Stars

It’s currently my lunch hour and I felt very much inspired. So lets uncork this bottle and watch it explode.  I could be doing more productive things, like eating or doing the dishes but despite motivation. Right now, this place…Is exactly where I want to be. 

Embrace you face for motivation and if falls through the holes then this message was not meant for you. The premise’s that we face within ourselves, begins before we ever step out of bed.  I am a habitual offender of habit but, I am still human. Sometimes staring at the wall in the shower and just feeling the water run down my face;  Then taking a long deep breath of air can be the headliner to my day.

Despite the predictable unplayed afternoon or concluding evening that will surely follow. I am more blessed then I will ever know. Yet I am still waiting for these lottery numbers to all line up. Now I am not going to talk about settling or taking the compromise; Just simply embracing the pure peaceful contentment within our own hearts. It’s so easy to abuse happiness by putting “THINGS” in place of were are hearts belong.

It’s such a default mindset to give into this masquerade trying to define ourselves by what we will eventually leave behind. While empathy sits like a cherry on top of this metaphorical sundae and makes you wish that all along you were numb.

 Sometimes  you just need to start counting stars..  Slipping between normality and the future can be unkind but the present is where we live our lives. If there was a magical key that I could turn to let love into other people lives; I would have probably broken it off by now from how much I try. I guess all I am trying to say is…Look around you

The choice is yours.
Be kind to yourself.
If you want to help anyone else
Empathy can not exist without Love
Love will not exist without peace

Life, Love, Philosophy and a Degree in Broken Hearts

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4 thoughts on “Counting Stars

  1. Kyo Ong on said:

    Everyone indeed, has choices. If one says “I didn’t have a choice”… they just made one.
    Cheers Luke! Thanks for sharing.

  2. 최다해 gongjumonica on said:

    What an inspiring post. I will try to remember this when I feel deflated or alone. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for the kind words, =) If you get to feeling deflated just wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze.. And if that does not do the trick, I will send you a virtual hug!


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