My life is a novel no one has yet to write. Each page lined with experiences but, good or bad no one can take away.  If you remove the microscopic lense then this world becomes a field; Each with it’s very own rules to play and guidelines to follow. And In the event you can’t play by the rules or disagree with the game; you just change fields tell you find a more accepting group or one with less conflicting rules.

But if you feel anything like me then you probably feel like a tree growing from the ground horizontally. It’s easy to create your own field, but damn lonely to stand around in a giant stadium staring at the ground waiting for the rest of your team to show up.

Maybe I am going about this the entirely wrong way. I state the obvious because I miss what’s apparent far too often. I dissect other motives and emotions and try to understand more of myself through them.

I will never see the world from your perspective and you will never see it through mine. This does not mean when a bomb drops in the east it’s not felt in the west. Or if you close your eyes then all the problems of the world will just disappear. What I am saying is that I don’t know the feeling of watching a parent slowly slip away in a hospital bed.

 Yet I have lost a brother and can still relate, but I love you for your bravery and experiences;  because I will stand in your shadow when that day comes for me. So despite conflicting messages from different fields. There are Good and bad situations but I truly believe there can never be a bad experience. because it’s all we have to relate.
Picture by~XiaAmane

Life, Love, Philosophy and a Degree in Broken Hearts

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