I was going to title this post (Belligerent). Then I realized how unlikely it would be for me to read something with such a negative controlling glow. Like many of you who write from self experience; Connecting to the audience is hard when the view is rounded out by self perspective.  I often end up deleting pieces from each post because emotions are NOT truths and sometimes this causes me to not post at all.

 I know I have said it before so I will just hurry up just spill it out. I am the most depressingly positive person I know. In simpler words, I am absolutely freaking scared to connect. Yet the smallest stars shine the brightest.

It’s not so much a moral dilemma or self-doubt but fear of losing myself by connecting with anyone else. My thoughts are this, just because you can manipulate someone doesn’t mean that you should. Regardless of age, SOME “women” are just girls but with legs.  But I believe there is someone out there that see’s the world just like me. 

So even if I am more predictable than a time bomb. My view of reality is only distorted by pretty smiles and not being able to connect but, It’s a choice that I only hope one day  will pay off when I can give all my love away. .
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Life, Love, Philosophy and a Degree in Broken Hearts

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4 thoughts on “Accomplishment

  1. No emotions are not truths, however emotions are real… and what we feel whether the truth or not is what we feel and there is nothing wrong with that and denying how we feel is a lie… strange little catch 22 there… emotions may not reflect the truth but denying them is a lie…

    I say shoot for the stars and write what you feel, you never know people may like it, and even relate to it…

    and where is your background a picture of? it’s beautiful…

    • You know I have really never thought of it exactly like that.
      In regards to denying them as lying to ourselves.

      I think That makes a lot of sense. However denying the emotions exist and not accepting them in full respect to what they are; Are very much two different things. I think experiences play a strong role in how we interpret emotions individually. Maybe accepting them with limitation is a sign of self growth or greater understanding to oneself. Or accepting them without limitations is a sign that the heart of a child can live forever. Either way you interpret it.. indecision is still a feeling and I can’t really deny that… 🙂

      The background is from Poland , taken by a photographer I follow there..

  2. u know, my poetry reflects both optimism & pessimism. Extremes & subtleties, but in real life, i’m a very reserved & critical person. someone who won’t allow myself to be optimistic except in my poetry. But last year my sister was in a coma for a few months & i emotionally shut down. i stopped connecting. it was pretend, all based on practicality. but recently, i’ve realized the wonder & beauty of feelings again. as strange as it seems, feelings are amazing. the hurt, the dreaming, the anxiety, the fears, the love, the hope, the disappointment, the excitement… this is what life is about.

    And i think if someone lives their life & manages to feel every emotion,only they can know the value of it all. the value of the good times. like you said, in the end, i do think people find that person to trust. but, just don’t back away too much. go for it. personally, i’ve taken on a philosophy of ‘go get what you want out of life & feel every moment of it.” it’s weird, but feelings, they are not meaningless, in fact, in many ways, they are what drives every thing we do… we want to feel this or that eventually.they are so real. they are what makes life real! a life with no feelings, is an empty life lived in vain…
    interesting piece. just thought i’d meditate on it a little here. lol. don’t know if that helps at all.

    • Unwritten truth, I must first apologize for my lack of recognition. The post you commented on seemed irrelevant with pertaining to my current life. it’s easy to hide behind emotion but a million times more complicated to experience it. Anyways I wish you the best for whatever the road holds before you. Much love some kid in Colorado.


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