People are amazing and right now my heart could go a dozen different ways.. The truth may hurt but I know its better when it comes from a friend;  Accepting defeat is like swallowing dynamite.  So I set the towel on fire and let smoke signals fill the sky. 

Here are my thoughts… Would you rather chew off your own finger or have someone else chew it off? It’s easier to take a dive as opposed to waiting in suspense for the axe to fall. Logic does not always make the most sense because sometimes it’s more logical to give up when the road gets narrow.  

While my mind seems to be a little dark or maybe it’s just full of truth.  Accepting defeat is less painful in the short-term but regrets can last forever. I understand the feeling of wanting to be loved, but I am confused by how much  it gets mixed up with attention.

 In high school the first time I took a piece of glass to my arm my best friend told me I was stupid because..” you already get so much attention”.  I could not make sense of these words.  Because I just wanted to feel outside of who I was; and maybe then I would feel more loved.. 

So what I am trying to explain is that just because a road ends does not mean that you are accepting defeat. Attention is not the same as love.. Giving up on yourself, just because the road ahead looks like you won’t make it is foolish… Even if you fall at least you have a new place to start. 

Picture by Justine/ AKA Niky
Life, Love, Philosophy and a Degree in Broken Hearts

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3 thoughts on “People

  1. Wow this is really good! Thanks I kinda needed that right now!


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