Types of People

I have been under the impression for a very long time that there are both good and bad people. Thinking this way makes it easier to assign the situation or incident with it’s moral counterpart. What I am trying to say is, that the world is easier to take in when you have assigned values of right and wrong.

 While this may be true, it can have some major repercussions and cause you to become narrow minded.  Recently on the longest jog/run I took this summer; I lost my phone. I didn’t think someone would return it. In-fact (Someone Did) they just rang the doorbell and left it. Not even to stick around for a thanks—- But wait what.. I texted the phone a few hours after I realized it was gone and offered a reward for its return.

 This event has challenged my way of thinking.. I would of returned the phone if I found it” No question”.  I would of also stuck around to be appreciated. So while I would of done the right thing; By default does doing the right thing make someone a good person? I am stuck now questioning my motives… I may just be shallow.

 How can a “Good Person” be shallow. Even if I do the right thing…. This event has corrupted my view of reality. According to the Websters Dictionary, “Shallow means: “Lacking in depth of knowledge, thought, or feeling”

So (good or bad) does not make a difference. We may all just be shallow people, but some of us are clearly less shallow and that is something to work towards. If I was catholic, I guess this would be me confessing my sins. But… this event has been revealing. 

Life, Love, Philosophy and a Degree in Broken Hearts

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2 thoughts on “Types of People

  1. I think that in truth all of us have “good” and “bad” within, and every time we make a decision we are choosing which to activate… some of us play a balancing act being neither definably “good” of “bad”, whereas some swing more one way than the other… Just as sometimes very “good” people can do horrible and hurtful things… and sometimes very “bad” people can surprise us and do something wonderful or amazingly good…

    • I think that makes a lot of sense and put’s things into a well shaped perspective. I think it’s the “Sometimes” that we don’t expect that stand out the most in our own lives. Thanks for the words. 🙂


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